Enraged Melissa Mendez creates a scene in a Cebu Pacific Flight causing a return trip to Manila

A newspaper report cited Cebu Pacific flight incident involving actress Melissa Mendez  and athlete/model Andrew Wolff. The said flight was headed to Mindanao, but had to go back to Manila to offload the actress.

In a video posted in Wolff’s Instagram account, it will be seen that the flight captain who seem to have exited the cockpit was talking to the actress saying –

“Hindi na, bababa ka na, hindi ka puwedeng sumakay, nasakatan mo pati flight stewardess ko” .  A voice  can also be heard in the video who said – “I-ban na yan”.

Actress was calm in the video and was in low -tone voice, even in her reaction to the aggravating comment.


Melissa Mendez
Click on this picture to watch video from @andrewwolff


Report said that the root of this incident was when actress Melissa Mendez refused to vacate a seat that was booked for Andre Wolff and his friend.

According to Wolff’s Instagram account this is what happened – “”Kept claiming she was some sikat na star dati (famous star from way back) with initials M.M. She smelled like a beer brewery, you just knew something was gonna happen….

It was said that the actress started to lash curse words towards Wolff and his friend.  Mendez only moved to her reserved seat  when flight attendants , and even flight captain with ground security stepped into the scene.

However, enraged Mendez did not end this commotion that simple.  According to Wolff  the actress continued to utter profanity towards his friend.

Flight attendants has warned actress, which she did not heed. But what happened next created the major turbulence on this flight.

Mendez was said to have punched Wolff’s friend and a flight attendant.  Mendez had to be restrained and flight captain has made an unexpected decision.

While the punching incident was taking place , flight captain made an announcement saying – “Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize, but we have to go back to Manila due to one unruly passenger.”


Andrew WolffMoreover on  Andrew Wolff and his Instagram posts, he described actress Melissa Mendez as “past her prime






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