Metro Manila traffic to ease in three years

The Metro Manila traffic is already common to Metro commuters. As such, it is everyone’s question if there is still a chance to get rid from the city’s uncomfortable transport.

The government thus had many proposals to get rid of the Metro Manila traffic. Not to mention the “emergency powers” that President Duterte is requesting.

Metro Manila traffic

But, transportation official said on Thursday that it takes up to three years to clear up the Metro Manila traffic.

According to reports, President Duterte wants major projects exempted from existing procurement procedures to move projects faster and this would not be possible without special authority, Department of Transportation Undersecretary Anne Lontoc told a Senate hearing.

During a press briefing, Lontoc said that problems on transportation, not to mention the Metro Manila traffic will be solved in the “later part of 2018 to 2019 magkakaraoon na po tayo ng pagbabago [there will be changes].”

“Talaga pong kailangan, madami pa procurement na kailangan gawin, at base sa mga nakaraan, nadedelay mga projects dahil sa procurement, mas maganda kung ma-strengthen natin ang proseso [It’s really necessary. There many procurement projects that need to be made. These were delayed in the past. It would be better if we strengthen the process],” she said.

A Duterte associate meanwhile said that emergency powers with additional authority could halve the time required to solve the traffic congestion. “Lahat yan maayos ng 3-10 years, pero kung may emergency power, 50 percent of the time mase-save [Everything will be fixed in 3 to 10 years, but if there are emergency powers, 50 percent of the time will be saved].”

However, Senator Grace Poe whose committee on public services called for Thursday’s hearing, was not immediately convinced and sought more details on what exactly will be done.

“Hinihingi pa rin natin sa DOTr ano ba talaga proyekto nila, magkano aabutin, gaano kataga [We are asking the DOTr, what are the projects? How much will these cost? How long will it take?],” Poe said.

Thus, Poe said she would invite Metro Manila mayor’s to the next hearing.

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