Mich Liggayu wedding? Watch her save the date video!

Many netizens are now wondering if there will be an upcoming Mich Liggayu wedding.It has been more than 2 yrs. when Jam Sebastian of the Youtube sensation couple Jamich passed away.

In her official Youtube page, MichLiggayuTV a “Save The Date” video was posted days ago. The start of the video showed Michwearing a pastel off-shoulder dress, walking and holding a ring. Then she wears the ring.

After a few more shots, a man in white long sleeves will be seen approaching Mich. He holds her hand and Mich looked at the guy with a smile.

The next things that were shown in the video looked like the two were indeed a couple. They run together holding hands; hug each other; and even had their faces close to each other. But what’s odd in this so called “Save the Date video” is that the guy’s face was never shown in the camera. All was seen was his back and side views.

At the end of the video, the date September 13, 2017 was flashed.

It was not clear if this video is a teaser for a Mich Liggayu wedding.

That is why there were a lot of speculations that were posted on the comment section. Many of her followers asked for the truth.

One netizen even said – “If this wedding is true, i will definitely believe what Jam’s mother said on a interview few years back and the reason why Mikee and Yexel removed you from their family completely. Don’t get me wrong, i love the fact that you moved on and found a new love but for a span of 2 years and now you’re getting married, something is off.” – Jie-Ae Ilano

Other followers defended Mich – “Nakakaiyak at nakakalungkot ang hatred na mga comments dito. We all promote, peace, love and etc. panay share pa tayo sa social media pero kung makapagsalita tayo ng kung anung anu tungkol kay Mich as if we know. Do not bash her as if you know her personally and that you have the right to comment on her life. I have watched her since the beginning and ngayon pa lang siya ulit bumabangon kaya please bilang mga Pilipino paki-iwasan naman natin ang crab mentality. Let’s support her! She is really trying to be positive.” – itsthehernandos

But there was one comment that was quite a sensible guess- “what if eto pala yung araw na gusto nila magpakasal sa isat isa? kung kailan pinlano ng jamich? haha opinion lang po” – Jazzie Go

The caption has no further details about this video. Mich also did not explain its’ meaning.

She just posted the message below.

Alam ko marami sa atin ang affected dahil sa mga nakasanayan natin. 😞 Na may mga pangyayari sa buhay na di natin maintindihan kung bakit nangyari sa atin. Pero lahat naman yan may reason. Pwedeng ngayon di pa natin alam, pero someday malalaman din natin. Plinano na ni God yun para satin. Kailangan lang maging patient. ❤️ Balang araw mag oopen up rin ako sa inyo. Sa tamang panahon. 😊 Mahal ko kayo. Sa lahat ng sumuporta at patuloy na sumusuporta, sobrang salamat. I appreciate each and every one. ❤️ Spread the love! Big hug!!!

Here is the full video.

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