Michelle Madrigal reveals she’s battling a disease

29-year-old actress Michelle Madrigal revealed in her IG post that she was diagnosed with a disease.

Former Kapamilya actress revealed Thursday that she has Hashimoto’s disease,  which she described as an autoimmune disorder. She is not yet at the stage of taking meds and has decided to go the holistic way.

Last October 2017, this former Star Circle Quest contender gave birth to a baby girl. She has been in a relationship with her American fiancee Troy Woolfolk. The two were engaged in July 2017.

There were followers of Michelle Madrigal who shared that they have the same ailment and have given tips on how to go through it.

Michelle’s last project with ABS-CBN was when she appeared in  Pasión de Amor in 2015. She and sister Ehra have been with Viva Artist Agency since then,

Here is the whole IG post with the details of her disease.

Raw. – So I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, along with other millions of young and older women who suffer from it. – – What is Hashimotos? -it is an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid. It means that my immune system makes antibodies that attack the thyroid gland. The thyroid becomes damaged and can’t make enough thyroid hormones. – – I’ve also developed goiter (enlarged thyroid). We all know that Thyroid hormones control how our body uses energy, so they affect nearly every organ in your body. – – I am lucky that I am not prescribed with any medications yet.. And TBH, I would rather heal myself in a holistic way. I have been doing my research on AIP diet and paleo diet, so I will most likely start with it after our vacation. I started cutting sugar & gluten into my diet and it is amazing that I am not really craving sweets lately. – – I know healing my gut is just the first step, but dealing with daily stress and emotional flare ups is also another thing. I really am on a huge “transition phase” of my life this year. So here’s to healing naturally and being healthy from the inside out! #hashimotos #reversingdisease #healthyfromtheinsideout🌱

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