Viral Video: Vicious midwife hits 4-day old baby

This video that is circulating the social media right now is one that will break anyone’s heart especially mothers.

The video looks like a CCTV recording from a nursery.  Although it has no audio,  obviously the baby was crying from sleep.A lady in pink scrub suit enters and is seen attending to the baby.

Next events that followed were shocking ! Unexpectedly this midwife hits 4-day old baby, not once but several times! posted this video entitled “Midwife beat and suffocated newborn baby (4 days)

midwife hits 4 day old baby video

Moreover, revealed the identity of this Bulgarian midwife.


Emilia Kovacheva was arrested, strangled newborn hands.4 days boy was beaten by a midwife during night duty in the hospital “Sofiamed” in Sofia – Bulgaria. Midwife Emilia Kovacheva is accused of attempted murder of 4-day child carried in a particularly cruel and painful way.
On April 17 and 18 midwife was the night shift at the hospital, although she worked during the day. She was tired and nervous. According to the investigation of the prosecution child was born healthy. On April 18 at 2 pm midwife started hitting him with his hands and a glass bottle feeding head and body.”

Here’s the full midwife hits 4-day old baby video.

Note: Viewer’s discretion is advised 


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