Lab Results confirm Oxalic acid in Milk Tea Poisoning

Manila Police District (MPD) disclosed that the results of toxicology tests confirm that “oxalic acid,” a substance commonly used as a cleaning or bleaching agent was ingested by the milk tea poison victims last April 9.

Milk tea poisoning

A total of two counts of murder have been filed by MPD against Lloyd Abrigo for the death of his father William and customer Suzanne Dagohoy. Lloyd also faces frustrated murder charges in the case of Arnold Aydallah, boyfriend of Suzanne, who had also consumed the tea in minimal portion but survived after receiving treatment at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the owner of the involved milk tea shop is refuting the evidence used by the police in filing the murder charges against his son.

“What evidence do they have in this case? The question here is who put the poison in the solution? Did the security camera footage show Lloyd actually putting the chemical in the milk tea solution? Why don’t they investigate the helper as well because he was at the shop all the time?” Atty. Benedicto Buenaventura, the lawyer of the Abrigos, said in a recent interview.

He is likewise questioning the part where the shop helper, Joseph Garnacio, hasn’t been put into the picture leaving Lloyd Abrigo solely marking the charge sheet.

The helper, Joseph Garnacio, reportedly left for Cebu after the incident. Abrigos’ lawyer are now gathering evidence against him.

As per MPD’s side, Senior Supt. Rolando Nana maintains that the basis of the charges against were the security camera footage obtained from the shop as well as the witness’ testimony.

The lawyer of Abrigos’ insists that Lloyd did not put any chemical in the Hokkaido milk tea that caused the death of the 2 victims. He stressed that “from the very beginning, we have maintained that… he didn’t put any chemical in the milk tea solution and there is no evidence pointing to that as well. We will defend and prove his innocence.”

Lloyd Abrigo, as seen in the footage, arrived at the shop the night before the incident and was preparing a concoction. The shop helper Garnacio further testified that Lloyd allegedly brought a foul-smelling chemical that night. Garnacio also claimed that Lloyd threw away a milk tea solution a day after the incident.

On a press conference held by Lloyd and Adela Abrigo last April 17, Lloyd denied his involvement in the milk tea poison deaths of his father and customer Suzanne Dagohoy. He admitted returning to the shop upon learning what happened to his father. but as oppsed to Garnacio’s alleged claim of throwing a milk tea solution, he explains that he merely ran tap water on a pitcher and threw the wastewater outside the shop since the sink was then clogged.

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