Misao Okawa at 117 years: “Eat and sleep and you will live a long time”

Recorded by the Guinness World of Records as the world’s oldest living person, Misao Okawa, officially turns 117 years old.

Misao Okawa

Misao Okawa, belonging to the supercentenarians group, is currently doing well at the moment except that her hearing is now partially impaired.

The 117-year old Misao Okawa who has lived through two World Wars, was born on March 5, 1898. She is now a widow to husband Yokio for 80 years but is surrounded by her children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.On her 117th birthday, a Misao Okawa wore a pink kimono and received a bouquet of flowers. She even ate cake and took photos with her family.

Misao Okawa

Misao Okawa: Happy and healthy at 117

Misao Okawa celbrating her 117th birthday in 2015

Misao Okawa celbrating her 117th birthday in 2015

Reporters were told that Okawa eats three large meals a day and makes sure that she sleeps eight hours a night in the Kurenai retirement home where she resides. When asked what her favorite food is,  Tomohito Okada, the head of the Kurenai retirement home answers for her “She insists that her favourite meal is sushi, particularly mackerel on vinegar-steamed rice, and she has it at least once every month.”

Does she resent reaching this age? Definitely not and she is actually  vocally happy to be reaching 117 years of age and tells of her own curiosity on having a long life well lived.

Okawa was granted the world’s oldest person in June 2013 following the death of fellow Japanese Jiroemon Kimura at the age of 116 years old.

Japan has been well known due to its longevity statistics and experts attribute it to a traditional low-fat diet, affordable healthcare and generous pensions. As such, it is not surprising that Japan has the most number of centenians in the world, 51,376, of whom 44,842 are women. Misao Okawa, now holds the title of a supercentenarian (aging more than 100 years old.)






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