Miss Universe Catriona Gray boyfriend Clint Bondad bashed for his underwear IG post

Clint Bondad , Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s boyfriend recently draw flak in Instagram.

In his official IG account (@clintbondad), he posted selfie with a Christmas greeting caption. The photo was taken in what looks like a bathroom, where Clint was wearing just an underwear. It was quite a sexy photo, but it only showed Clint’s well-toned back view.

Some netizens were not pleased with the photo and left unpleasant comments in Clint’s IG.

Of course since Catriona won the recent Miss Universe 2018 pageant, Clint Bondad also became popular.

Despite these comments, the 33-year old Fil-German model was very gentleman in responding.

Some of Clint’s followers went to the rescue by encouraging Clint to ignore the bashers and just continue being his self. There was even a petition for Clint to represent the Philippines in the Mr. Universe hunk contest.

Clint and Catriona have been together for six years since 2012. He was one of the members of  ASAP’s defunct group, the Coverboys and also the 1st runner-up in Century Tuna’s Superbods.

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