Viral: Monkey-looking piglet born in China

Catching curiosity of online community right now is a monkey-looking piglet which was born in China.

Monkey-looking piglet

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The owner is a  vegetable farmer in the province of Guizhou . The piglet was one of the 15 siblings born to  a sow the farmer was taking care of. However, only this piglet was born different.

It has  two holes as the nose and an overbite that leaves its long tongue protruding from its mouth. The two eyes are differently sized , unseparated and sticks out from its head.

Pig Monkey face in China

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Due to the facial deformity of this  monkey-looking piglet, it cannot suckle milk from its mother.

Thus, the farmer has been aiding in feeding the piglet using a baby’s feeding bottle.

Monkey-looking piglet

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This is not the first reported mutant piglet in China that’s why an online debate has started. In a Chinese website, netizens blamed pollution and the use of genetically modified foodstuffs for the mutation of the piglets.

Other bizarre piglets born in the country include piglet with a snout in the forehead and piglet with 2 snouts and three eyes.

piglet with a snout in the forehead

Piglet with two snouts

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Here in the Philippines, a mutant pig also went viral. A piglet in CamSur , Bicol region was born with seven legs. (Read: Viral: Pig with seven legs catches attention in CamSur).




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