More than 8800 subscribers affected by Globe data breach

A Globe data breach involving personal data occurred earlier today.

More than 8800 prepaid customers who registered in Globe’s “On The List” promo were affected. This promo is for the tickets to the concert of K- pop group Blackpink, which will be held February 2. The form that needed to be filled-in asked for name, the full postal address, and the email address of those who registered.

After registration, the user who registered will receive an SMS and copy of the form they completed. However, the customers received copy of forms that contained other person’s details instead of their own.

Many customers who received wrong information shared the
Globe data breach incident in social media.

According to Globe, they immediately took down the site and rectified the issue. In their statement they said-

“ It was just a case of sending the data registration confirmation receipt to the wrong individual and was not sent en masse or as a group of data.”

This was already reported to National Privacy Commission (NPC) and they are evaluating the incident.

It was also this month when pawnshop giant Cebuana Lhuiller also had a data breach incident. (Read: Cebuana Lhuillier confirms data breach)

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