Morisette Amon Asia Song Festival 2018 Tagalog and Korean performance

Morisette Amon Asia Song Festival 2018 performance will surely make this Kapamilya singer’s Pinoy fans proud.

For  the 2018 Asia Song Festival held in Korea , Morisette was once again  chosen to show her talent . In 2017, she also represented the Philippines in this event where she sang “Secret Love Song” . (Morissette Amon, PH representative for Asia Song Festival 2017 in Korea).

Looks like our Asia’s Phoenix did make a good impression from her last year’s performance!

Wearing a glittery blue outfit, the 22 tear-old singer looked stunning. This time Morisette brought something new to the table by singing a more pumped-up song compared to her love song last year. She sang a Tagalog pop song titled “Throwback”, which is actually from her 2015 album “Di Mapaliwanag”.

For her next song, Morisette said that she chose it to do challenge herself to do something she has never done before. She also shared that when she first heard the song, she got emotional and cried.

The song she was referring to was a Korean song titled “Resignation,” a ballad by South Korean singer Lee Young Hyun.

This Morisette Amon Asia Song Festival 2018 is indeed very special as for the first half of the song Morisette sang the English lyrics,  but when she reached the part of the song with the thigh notes, she finally did the challenge that she mentioned.

Watch the full video here:




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