Inspiring: Mother Lost her Life in Saving her Son

A netizen shares a heart-warming act of a mother who lost her life in an attempt to save her son.

According to the post, a road accident claimed the life of mother and son. But beneath the story of this tragic accident, was a touching story on how a mother called as Boochie showed her love to her son Skyler even it meant losing her own life.

Here is the full account of an inspiring story of a mother’s love.

“I went to Boochie and Skyler’s wake last night. I just want to share the story of what really happened from what I heard from Boochie’s “nanay-nanayan”, a survivor of the accident.

It was Saturday she said when they decided to go to Matabungkay, “libre kase ng kandidato kaya sumama kami lahat, sagot din nila yung urvan na sinakyan namen”. That’s how the story started.

It was all just an innocent drive. It didn’t mean any harm. They were just having fun.. trying to be happy. They were driving down the empty street of daang-hari, Boochie and Skyler was seated at the backseat, sleeping. All they heard next was squealing tires, breaking glass, and screaming. The car started rolling. Maybe the car was going so fast that the driver didn’t realize that there’s a zigzag part of the road. It seems that the driver looked to his side and as he did, he slightly turned the wheel without even realizing it. The force was so great that it threw Skyler out of the window, breaking its glass with his head. And because of a higher center of gravity, SUV’s are more prone to rollover accidents than a typical sedan. Fast turn or sharp changed of direction-increasing the odds that it will tip over once it begins to skid sideways. They all swerved away from the car.. Boochie tried to save Skyler by throwing herself out of the window while the car was rolling. It was a horrific car accident… all I know is that Boochie’s love for Skyler is something beyond everything in this world… a mother who tried to save her son’s life seconds before losing her own… all I know is that Boochie did everything just to save her child, including giving up her life.
Dada, Boochie’s “tatay-tatayan”, tried to save boochie and skyler, causing him to die too. I was speechless, hearing how brave this girl is. I was also amazed by Dada’s love for them, gaving up his life trying to save them. Three of them died in the accident.

Skyler suffered from head and neck injuries, maybe broke his neck they said, causing him to die. Boochie is at her worst. Bale ang ulo, na halos mahihiwalay na sa katawan. Naka tape ang arms dahil hindi na nakayang ibalik sa dati. Bruises and lacerations, stitches in her face. Makikita mo sa damit nya na may blood stains pa from her neck. Ang kamay nya na may malalaking stitches. Swollen face na halos hindi mo na makikilalang sya ‘yon. Manghihina ka. Maiimagine mo kung gano niya ipinilit habulin si Skyler pgkatilapon sa window. Nakapangingilabot. Kung paano siya nagpikot ikot halos magkahiwa hiwalay ang katawan. Hindi sana siya mamamatay. Pinili nya lang na subukang isave si Skyler. Hanggang sa umuwi ng bahay, tahimik ako. Naiiyak. Boochie is an angel. She really is..

Sa photo makikita mo si Skyler, sobrang gwapo nya. Mas gwapo sya in fact. Alam mong hindi sya gaanong nahirapan at nasaktan kumpara sa mommy nya na halos di mo na makilala. Kung gaano mo kamahal si Skyler Booch, hindi ko maidescribe. Napaka genuine. Nakapalalim. Pinili mong mamatay kasama nya. Pinili mong magkalaso lasog at masaktan kesa siya. Imagine na sayo pa dumagan ang van na sinasakyan niyo. It was really an eye opener for me. Balang araw Booch, when I became a mom, I wanna be like you. I will forever admire your love for your son. You are a hero. You will be remembered forever. Your goodness is incomparable. Your love is undeniably undying.. eternal. Hanggang sa huli binantayan mo si Sky at sinigurong maayos sya, that’s a mother’s love… goodbye my love… your heroic deed will never be forgotten… for us, you are a hero… a loving mother.”





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