MRT Accident: Female passenger loses arm

A female passenger lost her right arm from an MRT accident that happened earlier in Ayala Station at  around 2:30 p.m.

According to reports,  the victim was Angeline Fernando, 24, of Pasay City as identified by  MRT 3’s security head.

The victim was said to have just alighted the train when she felt dizzy and  fell to the station’s tracks.

Unfortunately, the victim got caught between the first and second cars of the train and  her right arm was severed.

In an interview, Transportation Undersecretary Cesar Chavez explained that woman’s right arm got caught in the train’s coupler, connecting the first and second train coaches.

Videos of this MRT accident has circled the social media showing medical personnel attending to the victim.


Fernando was brought to Makati Medical Center.

As per update from MRT Ayala station supervisor Raffy Robles,  Undersecretary Chavez confirmed that the victim is now safe in the hospital. All medical charges will be shouldered by the MRT-3.

When asked if the victim was pushed by other passengers. Undersecretary Chavez said that Robles reported that it was a mere accident as there were only a few passengers on the platform due to ASEAN holiday.

Nevertheless, it was said that a police investigation will still be conducted. Chavez ordered that CCTV footage be available to the police and media.

“Pinaiimbestigahan din natin bagamat kokonti lang ang pasahero, ano ‘yung mga pagkukulang dito,” he said .

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