Update:”Tap & Go” New MRT, LRT Unified Ticket System

May 25: The implementation of the Unified Ticketing System is temporarily delayed, according to Ayala Corporation (AC) and Metro-Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC).



The new system was supposed to start early May. It was pushed back to a later date: June for MRT-3 and July for LRT-1. The formal turnover is set on September 1.




MRT and LRTA are installing new turnstiles in all their stations in preparation for the implementation a single ticketing system.

MRT North Ave Station


LRTA Spokesperson Atty. Hernando Cabrera tweeted a sample of the new card that will be used for the ‘unified’ ticket system. Similar to Singapore and Hong Kong train systems.

'Tap & Go' Unified Ticket System for LRT & MRT
‘Tap & Go’ Unified Ticket System for LRT & MRT


And this is what a Single-Journey Ticket Sample looks like.

MRT Ticket 01


More updates to follow.

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