MRT no-liquid policy changed

MRT no-liquid policy has been changed as confirmed by its management.

All liquids less than 100 milliliters, contained in bottles and canisters are now allowed to enter MRT stations.

“For as long as 100 below, parang sa airports po natin, puwede na silang magpasok,”  said MRT Director for Operations Michael Capati in a radio interview with DZMM.

This policy is the same with what is being implemented in our airports.

Early this year, the MRT management announced that bottled drinks and other liquid substance will no longer be allowed to be carried inside the trains. This is for security measures following the recent bomb attack in Jolo, Sulu that had 22 casualties.

This policy became controversial because of the “taho-throwing ” incident that happened. A Chinese woman named Jiale Zhang threw taho at at PO1 William Cristobal when she was not allowed to enter the MRT station because of the drink she is carrying.

Zhang is now facing charges of direct assault and may even be deported by Bureau of Immigration.

Department of Transportation  (DOT)pointed out that before the MRT no-liquid policy , consumption of unsealed food and drinks inside the station were already prohibited.

An announcement was also posted in DOTr-MRT-3 official Facebook account.



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