MRT pickpocket experience shared by netizen

A certain netizen named Mark Angelo Flores shared his MRT pickpocket experience on Facebook.

Angelo named the alleged suspect as Louie Narciso Y Encarnacion that he met in MRT Ortigas while on his way for a casting.

MRT pickpocket

He narrated that the incident happened in Ortigas station while he was  about to aboard the train.

Angelo was pushed by his co-passengers when the train door opened. A man wearing a jacket cut in while entering the coach and immediately went the other direction. Next thing he knew, his phone got lost on his pocket , which he tightly secured by his hands.

Skimming through the passengers, he suspected the man wearing a jacket. Angelo confronted the man but the latter denied the accusation. Suddenly, a handkerchief dropped from his jacket.

Angelo became convinced as he saw the cellphone inside the handkerchief. The man on the other hand, kicked the phone off the train to the rail tracks.

The man tried to get out of the MRT by rushing to the door but Angelo quickly grabbed him and called for a guard.

Upon arriving in the office, the man explains that he was from North Edsa. Angelo and the man was further brought to MRT Boni for additional details.

Records revealed that Angelo was the fourth prospect by the man’s MRT pickpocket modus.

Unfortunately despite this MRT pickpocket incident, the man could not be put into prison because there is more time needed for the inquest.

Because Angelo was in a hurry, the man was just detained for 24 hours.

Angelo ended his post with a warning of safety as this man could victimize other people along the way upon his release.

Below are the details of Angelo’s MRT pickpocket experience on Facebook. The post has more than a thousand shares and likes.







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