Nancy Binay Memes for SONA 2015

Just when we thought Senator Nancy Binay has been spared from getting bashed in this year’s State of the Nation Address from trolls and netizens, here are some Nancy Binay memes for SONA 2015:

Blue Kisses Chocolate.

Nancy Binay Memes Sona 2015

A long ‘talong‘ (eggplant).

A bad minion.

Senator Nancy Binay Memes 2015

An X-Men mutant.


The most ‘cruel’ so far of the Senator Nancy Binay memes this 2015.

Senator Binay Memes Sona 2015

Last year was a disaster for the young Senator.

Nancy Binay Memes

She was even compared to Fiona from Shrek.

Her gowns were designed by Randy Ortiz.

Photos of Senator Nancy Binay Outfit Memes SONA 2015 courtesy of Random Photos, Mhay Devera Saavedra and Jade Briz.

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