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Nancy Binay SONA Memes has once again made news in social media. Again and again, this lady senator caught the attention of online fashion critics.

In today’s SONA (Senate opening) , Nancy Binay wore an intricately designed black Filipiniana. She fashioned a neatly ironed hair and a make-up that was simply done. She also wore subtle accessories and even had no necklace or bracelet on.

But despite this simplicity, our creative netizens still came up with Nancy Binay SONA Memes.

First in the list was the clutch bag she carried being compared to a “llanera” used for making leche flan.

Funny captions include:

“YeHeY!😅 Dahil ubos na ang ‘Leche Flan’ gagawin ko ng Wallet toh!” 

“Baka sakaling matagalan ang SONA mag baon na ako ng Leche Flan.”

“When you’re in the senate but dessert is life

Nancy Binay SONA Memes

(c) Philippine trends and news

Even the design of her Filipiniana sleeves were not spared from the memes. Who would forget Valak, the scary nun from Conjuring 2?

Nancy Binay SONA Memes 2016

The supposed to be “Sirena” cut of her dress was more likened to a fish tail.

Nancy Binay SONA Memes Fish

The said gown was designed by Randy Ortiz.

Good thing that for the SONA proper, Binay wore a more corporate look . As we all know, guests were advised to dress simply to match the Duterte’s simple taste in this year’s SONA.

Nancy Binay Duterte SONA

Well, Senator Nancy Binay is one of the crowd favorites for things like these. There have been a lot of instances that she went viral because of her outfits.

In 2014 SONA, her terno also made it to the headline of bashers. But in an interview , she just shrugged the issue and even admitted that the Fiona version is her most favorite.

Nancy Binay SONA Memes Fiona




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