Nanny beheaded a 4-year old child says, “Allah ordered”

A nanny beheaded a 4-year old child in a Moscow subway station. The nanny allegedly held up a child’s severed head and even appeared in court stripped of her hijab and smiling.

It can be seen in the courtroom footage that the 38-year old nanny energetically waves to cameras. She also  answers questions with a slight grin on her face.

Nanny beheaded a 4-year old

When asked by a reporter, why the nanny beheaded a 4-year old child Goultchekhra Bobokoulova, she replied: “Allah ordered.”

Desperately, according to reports, Russian prosecutors believe the nanny, originally from Uzbekistan, had a less divine accomplice. They believe the individuals who encouraged her to carry out the horrific event are still at large.

Bobokoulova is expected to be charged later this week. But investigators noted that the nanny beheaded a 4-year old child appeared to be mentally unstable.

Le Parisien reported that according to Russian media, Bobokoulova has stayed in psychiactric hospitals multiple times while in Uzbekistan. Her most recent stay was 15 years ago, where she underwent a two-year treatment for schizophrenia, reports says.

Meanwhile, Witnesses told on a media interview that after the nanny beheaded a 4-year old child, she was seen swinging the decapitated baby’s head as she shouted “Allahu akbar!” in the streets.

nanny beheaded a 4-year old

Also reported was a video footage taken by witnesses at the scene, shows the woman in a black hijab. She can be heard screaming in heavily accented Russian: “I am a terrorist, I want your death,”

On the other hand, the body of the beheaded 4-year old child was found in an apartment that she had set on fire. According to Moscow authorities, the nanny beheaded a 4-year old child after older sibling and parents leave the apartment before killing the girl and burning down the apartment.

Allegedly,the family of the child is middle class, and has no government connection or influence, the Press reported.



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