NBA Finals Game 3: Cavs says home sweet home

Cleveland Cavaliers feels home as they go back to their hometown for NBA Finals Game 3. Cavs, still missing Kevin Love, who’s suffering from shoulder injury and Kyrie Irving, with injured left kneecap, expects LeBron James to fill in the large gap, and so far, he has.

It was indeed a slow start for Golden State Warriors with their star player, Stephen Curry, ending with only 3 points, while James Jones who played tight defense scored a wide open three before ending first half with 37- 44 for Cavaliers.

Matthew Delladova gave out a superb performance, making his body as tank, as he rolled and crawled and scored a back to back 3 points, pushing their score advantage to 10pts at the onset of 3rd quarter. With Warrior’s 9 turnovers and a 7-0 run of Cavs, they end up a strong finish on 3rd quarter with 72-55.

Cavaliers had a slow start come 4th quarter cutting the Warriors deficit to only 9 points after a monumental three points from Andre Iguodala, who scored 15 points in the game.

The high momentum of Cavs was cut after back to back foul of Shumpert and Mosqov. David Lee’s 8 points in the final quarter a couple of three’s from Curry resulted to 76-79 for Cavaliers.

The Warriors successfully made a run and cut the 20 points advantage of Cavaliers to only three. Not long after, their hope was cut short after a splendid pass of Delladova to LeBron ending with a strong layup pulling up the deficit back to 5 points.
tight fight under the ring on NBA Finals Game 3


Lebron James had leg cramps with only 3:51 remaining on the 4th but was able to go back on the game and even made a three and a steal blowing up their score advantage by 5 points at the end of the game.

Lebron who scored 40 points and gave out and 12 rebounds led the Cavaliers to win NBA Finals Game 3.

Cleveland Cavaliers now leading the series with 2-1 will face Golden State Warriors on Friday, June 12, 9:00AM (MNL time) for NBA Finals Game 4 at Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH.

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