Netizen finds maggots in Hotdog

A netizen shared her awful experience when she found out that there were maggots in hotdog she bought from the supermarket.

This netizen shared that the hotdogs that she bought were those that we sold per gram . The hotdogs as she mentioned were no longer packed. Looks like she got it from the usual cold section of the grocery, where the cold cuts like ham, longganisa, burger patties, etc. were placed in a tray/container. Shopper can buy by pieces and pay for how much it weighed.

Just like most of us, this netizen probably trusted that since it was a supermarket, everything sold there was guaranteed clean & safe.

She prepared her kids’ packed lunch with the hotdogs and even made one for herself. Little did she know that she was in for a tiny surprise for lunch.

When she was about to feast on the hotdogs, she noticed something moving . Cutting it into half, she found maggot swarming inside the hotdog. In her recollection, there was nothing odd like foul smell when she cooked it.

The netizen is now furious with this incident for her kids might have missed the maggots in hotdog and have already eaten it.

In her FB post, she is planning to get back to the supermarket where she bought it and even warned others never to buy the per grams cold cuts.

Here is the full post.


Maggots in hotdog

maggots in hotdog

Maggots in hotdog image

Update: Alturas Mall where the hotdogs were bought , released an official statement in their FB page saying –

“We’ve been notified of a poor-quality product involving a Virginia Foods, Inc. (VFI) hotdog variant purchased on June 26, 2016 at Alturas Mall.

Alturas Group and VFI are very much willing to check diligently the matter.

Here at Alturas Group, we’re strongly committed to deliver good-quality products for the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We thank you for your proactive feedback and the continued patronage. And, we remain steadfast to our commitment of delivering good-quality products for all.”





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