Netizen Rants Against Rude PBCOM Personnel

An irate netizen’s rant on social media against rude PBCOM personnel has gone viral.

According to Janica F., who posted an account of her experience with a building security guard and two female receptionists, she intends to file a formal complaint against the said PBCOM personnel for their arrogance and impudence towards her and other visitors who come to apply in a company based in the said Makati City building.

On her Facebook page, Janica narrates the incident:

My friends and I were at the PBCOM Tower to apply for a job in one of the companies based in the building. During our interview with the recruitment agent, we were advised to also try applying with other companies in PBCOM Tower. Since we were not informed by the building’s receptionists that they have a policy of allowing visitors to conduct only one transaction per day, we made our way to the elevator to try our luck with other companies. As we were lining up to wait for the elevator, the receptionists at the lobby blocked our way and told us about their policy.

One of the female receptionists arrogantly asked our group, “San punta nyo?!” (“Where do you think you are going?!), to which I replied, “The 12th floor to apply”.

Then the other receptionist told us, “We have a one transaction per day policy”.

I argued that we were told by the recruitment agent in the first company we visited that we are free to apply with other companies in the building. The receptionist remarked, “Sir ______ really gives us a lot of trouble by not complying with the policy.”

Then we were condescendingly told by one of the receptionists, “Why are you lining up at the right elevator when the elevator to the 12th floor is on the left side?”I replied calmly that there is no instruction or signage posted near the elevator so there was no way for us to know.

We were eventually given by the receptionist a visitor’s pass then we made our way to the elevator to go to the 12th floor when we were accosted by the security guard who asked us again, “San punta nyo?! (Where are you going?!)” Again, we told the guard that we were going to the 12th floor.

Then he rudely ordered us to take the elevator and we were not allowed to tarry in the area. We requested that we be allowed to wait for a friend who was on her way down to the lobby. But he impudently barked at us, “Go now! There is no waiting area here. You are not allowed to wait here!”

I again requested that we be allowed to just wait for our friend. But he angrily retorted, “I told you that you cannot wait here! You have to take the elevator now!”

So I told my friends to go rather than be treated brazenly by the said security guard. When the guard heard me, he confiscated my Identification Card (ID) but allowed me to go to the 12th floor anyway.

After we have applied with several companies, we made our way back to the lobby.

There were two elevators; one goes straight to the lobby, the other leads to the elevator going to the 35th floor. We took the second elevator before we made our way to the lobby.

When we reached the reception area, I asked for my ID. Then the receptionist again rudely interrogated me, “Where did you go?” I replied, “The 12th floor”. Then she asked why I took the elevator leading to the 35th floor when I could have taken the first elevator. I responded, “Why, is it not allowed?”

Then she instructed me to get my ID from the security guard. After handing me back my ID, he showed me a photocopy of my ID and threatened to have me banned from the PBCOM Tower.

He again asked which floor I went to and told him the 12th floor. Then one of the two receptionists mockingly commented, “They went to visit all the floors to apply in all the companies here.” The other receptionist said, “Leave them be. If not, their makeup will just be wasted.” Then the security guard added, “Where do you think you are? Luneta (Rizal) Park?”
Naturally, I got pissed off and told them, “Are you happy now? You think you are smarter? You are just receptionists!”

Then the receptionists arrogantly asked, “Why, where are you from?” to which I replied, “from abroad!”

After narrating the incident, she clarified that she did not want to sound arrogant and rude but her patience was tested by the rude PBCOM personnel.   She also explains that she decided to post about the incident in order to call the attention of the PBCOM Tower management about the impolite behavior of their staff and to also give others a warning lest they also fall victim to these purportedly rude PBCOM personnel.

Here are some pictures she took of the allegedly rude PBCOM personnel which she posted on social media.


Rude PBCOM personnel
The alleged Security Guard and Receptionist 1.


Rude PBCOM personnel
The alleged Receptionist 2 and a grabbed pic from her Facebook account.


Here are some of the comments from netizens for those Rude PBCOM personnel:

Mark *****  nakapunta na rin ako jan sa PBCOM, may pagkabastos talaga yung mga receptionists at guard jan..

Mackie *****  Nangyari din sakin yan nung ngpunta aq ng PBcom q masyadong mayayabang ang mga tao dyn. Tatanungin mo ng maayos, sasagutin ka lang ng kayabangan at pgkapilosopo.

Real ****  Hindi nila kinaganda yan . Ayan ang hirap sa mga nagtratrabaho sa ganyan eh.. porket nsa PBCOM kyo nag wowork ? Waaw heavy neng , taas ng Ere nio ah .. lakas ng mga loob pati ung guardia. Aiyoo. Sana tablan ang mga yan.. yabang much tlg ng mga ganyan.. wew.

As of last update, Janica was already contacted by the PBCom management.

Rude PBCOM Personnel


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