Netizen Searches Owner of Money from ATM

Good Samaritan is how a netizen is now being called because of searching for the owner of money from ATM that he found.

In an FB account under Allen Tolentino , posted on his wall that he in search of the person who withdrew before him and left Php 5800 in the cash dispenser of the ATM machine. According to the post, he found the ATM money at a Security Bank branch in Jollibee Mabalacat, Pampanga where he is most likely from as said on his FB account. He further said that he found the money from ATM at around 7:05 pm last nigh (February 12).

Friends, relatives and colleagues of Allen Tolentino lauded him for the honesty he displayed. In the comment thread, Allen’s boss commended him saying “So proud of u being one of my staffs. I salute u for being so sincere & honest u truly deserve to be called a Good Samaritan & dependable public servan. God bless u more -Josephine Basilio Tanglao”

He was however advised in one of the comments to coordinate with Security Bank and check CCTV recording to see who the owner really is. It was also said that the bank will surely have a recorn in the ATM on which account it was withdrawn from.

One of Allen’s FB friend also cautioned him on those who would come forward and pretend as owner of the money from ATM.

In one of his comments, Allen said that he would speak with the Security Bank branch personnel, but would have to wait until Monday when bank operations resume.

The FB post has reached more than 10k shares and has earned a lot of positive comments.

Kudos to you Mr. Allen Tolentino!

Good Samaritan money from ATM




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