Netizen share alleged QC mall hostage-kidnapping

A netizen shared their family’s scary QC mall hostage-kidnapping experience.

According to the post, this incident took place last October 20, 2018 at around 2:00 pm. The netizen was supposed to meet her her youngest sibling. However, their meeting became a traumatic one because of what happened to her sister and her sister’s child inside the mall.

It was said that the mom and child whoa arrived early went to one of the restrooms of the mall. A woman followed them into the cubicle and threatened the mom with a knife. Since the mom has no big cash on hand, the alleged perpetrator instead tried to hostage them. Ransom amounting to Php 10,000 was demanded from the husband who was at work at that time.

The netizen said that she was chatting with her sister while this was happening , she was chatting with her sister who had alibis for being late in their meet-up. Little did she know that she was already chatting with the perpetrator. She then received the shocking call from her sister’s husband who said that the mom and child were being held hostage.

She went to the Security officers of the mall to report the incident.

This alleged QC mall hostage-kidnapping incident lasted for 3 hours.

What happened to the victims? Read the full post below.

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