Netizen shares alleged BDO debit card fraud experience

Posted in an FB account under the name Drve Cnllas is his unfortunate experience with his BDO debit card.

In his post, he narrated how a total of Php 48,000 was deducted from his savings account from alleged unauthorized transactions via POS (Point of Sale) machines. Purchases were made in using a debit card connected to his account in several SM Aura merchantsnamely Department Store, Watsons, Supermarket, Starbucks Coffee Shops, Titan Shoe Store, and others. However, his card was neither lost and stolen It was with him when the alleged fraud happened. He claims that the last ATM withdrawal he made was last July 24, 2017.

According to this netizen, he recently upgraded his old ATM card to a  chip-based one.

Now, he blamed this chip technology for the BDO debit card fraud that happened to him.

I used to have the old atm card until it was upgraded to the chip-based technology. I heard in the news that the atm card migration to the chip-based technology will make our cards more secured but this may not be the case. Before, I had to input my 6-digit PIN in POS machines whenever I purchase a product using my debit card. But since my debit card’s upgrade to the chip-based one, merchants are no longer requiring PIN codes and they just process the purchases easily by inserting the card to the POS machine. Most merchants don’t even request for valid ID’s before processing payments which I don’t think is right.” he said.

This incident was reported to the bank and the police. Sadly, he was told that bank investigation may take 3 to 4 months.

He has also coordinated with the merchants. Good thing a CCTV footage was retrieved that showed the alleged culprit .

He now calls on BSP to get involved and investigate on the use of chip-based cards that does not require PIN when swiped for POS transactions.

Here is the full FB post.



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