Netizen shares Blood Donor modus still ongoing

Netizen shares her discovery that the Blood Donor modus operandi is still ongoing!

In an FB account under Rochelle Guetan-Tamundong , an FB post was made warning the public saying that she saw the same “lola” (old woman) who became viral years ago because of this scam. What alarmed her is the lola was again looking for a blood donor.

In 2015, a post also became viral showing the photo of the old lady. According to the post, the incident happened in BGC, Taguig  where a woman was nearly victimized. The modus was lola would approach people asking for blood donation for her “apo” (grandchild) . She would explain that her grandchild is in OsMak (Ospital ng Makati) because of leukemia and is needing blood transfusion.

However, what the “almost” victims said, is that she would refuse any other forms of help and would instead ask for the victim to go with her. She would lead them to a certain spot, where they would take the ride to the hospita.

Allegedly, this old woman is an accomplice of a syndicate who kidnaps people for organ trading.

The 2015 post links to another an older article about this blood donor modus.


Rochelle’s post seemed to have reached the authorities. Today she posted screen shot of a message from a certain P03 Gab .

Blood donor scam

She also shared a photo showing that an announcement was on the police station’s board.




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