Netizen videos Unsafe Road in Tacloban

Netizen shared the video he recorded showing an unsafe road in Tacloban .

Entitled “Ito pa ang video ng sikat na peste! Este poste!” , this FB video is now becoming viral . Some find it funny while some were concerned on how unsafe the road is.

At first it looked like there’s nothing wrong in the video. It was actually cemented and flat. The road was surrounded by greenery , and the view was that of a typical province that is fresh and quiet.

The netizen then walks along the road, and it will be a seen that he was nearing an electric post . This is where things get kooky.

Watch this video to find out.


Unsafe road in tacloban

No question drivers passing by this unsafe Road in Tacloban must have 20/20 vision and be extra careful.

Netizens sarcastically called this road as the “Daang Matuwid.”

One netizen said that the electric posts installed in the middle of the road were already existing when the road was constructed. Nevertheless, it still poses real danger – either a road accident or causing brown-out to the whole barrio. A lot of netizens agree that this road is below standard and was wrongly designed. One even said that engineering princple and safety was totally neglected in this case.

Video owner confirmed that there are other two posts than can possibly end up like this as shown in th video, the road is continously being constructed.




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