New UFC Champ Holly Holm Knocks Rousey

New UFC Champ Holly Holm

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New UFC champ Holly Holm knocks the former undefeated woman champion in the cage. According to The Guardian, Rousey falls in seventh defense of UFC women’s bantamweight title against Holm.

Reportedly, prior to the fight, Rousey declared that the then challenger, now the new UFC Champ Holly Holm, could not knock her down. But in just over six minutes, Holm was able to unbelievably win the women’s bantamweight title.

Rousey was put down after a left straight from the new UFC champ Holly Holm landed on her jaw 59 seconds into the second round. It was followed with a left high kick onto her neck.

Daily Mail noted that 72 per cent of her hits were on target, compared to Rousey’s 30 per cent, and she landed 38 strikes on her. The new UFC champ Holly Holm won 33 matches as a boxer with 2 knock outs and 2 losses.

But how did the new UFC champ Holly Holm got into the sport?

According to Daily Mail’s report, she stumbled into the sport on her way to an aerobics class as a teenager.

After few classes, her aerobics teacher who happened to be the kickboxing class instructor noticed something special about the new UFC champ Holly Holm.

“She’s got that instinct,” instructor Mike Winklejohn said.

“’When she gets hit, she knows it’s time to come back. I wish I could bottle [what she has] and sell it,” he added.

Now she had offered a wake up call to the MMA world.

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