Nicko Falcis qualified-theft case filed by Kris Aquino dismissed

Nicko Falcis qualified-theft case was dismissed by Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office.

Last October 2018, Kris Aquino filed 44 counts of qualified theft case in seven different cities namely – Metro Manila, Pasig, Makati, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Manila, at Quezon City.

The Queen of all media demanded for damages totaling to
P32.27 million.

The breakdown is as follows- P1,270,980.31 as actual damages, P15,000,000 as temperate damages, P1,000,000 as exemplary damages, P10,000,000 as moral damages, P5,000,000 as attorney’s fees and duration of hearing.

Allegedly Nicko Falscis used their company credit card to steal P1.270 million.

The 11 page decision stated-

“From the definition, it appears that the credit card used by respondent was neither stolen, revoked, cancelled, suspended, or obtained with intent to defraud.The credit card was voluntarily issued to respondent under his name.

Thus, when the respondent used the credit card for purchases at Lucendi and Toby’s Estate in Pasig City, the credit card cannot be considered unauthorized within the tenets cited by law.

“WHEREFORE, it is resolved that the charges against respondent for Qualified theft and Violation of R.A. 8484 be DISMISSED FOR INSUFFICIENCY OF EVIDENCE.”

Just recently, the case in Makati city was also dismissed by the
Makati Prosecutor’s Office for the same reason.

Nicko Falcis was the former Managaing director of Kris’ company,
Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP).



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