Noli De Castro and Kylie Versoza awkward interview

Going viral right now is aa video of  the Noli De Castro and Kylie Versoza awkward interview.

Noli De Castro and Kylie Versoza awkward interview

The interview was aired during ABS-CBN’s primetime news TV Patrol October 28, 2016 (Friday) episode.Kylie was still in Japan during the interview.

Here is how it went:

Noli De Castro: “May boyfriend ka na?”

Kylie Versoza: (Giggles) No… korona lang.

Noli De Castro: (Laughs loudly) Lungkot naman niyan

Noli De Castro was already delivering his closing spiel saying – “Marami pong Salamat Ms.Kylie Versoza. Again..” when he was interrupted by Kylie.

With full conviction Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza said – “Super..Hindi, hindi siya malungkot“.

Apparently the conversation was re-opened and though Kabayan was caught by surprise, he attempted to explain “Hindi ibig ko sabihin“. However, Kylie exclaimed “Of course not!“.

Kabayan then answered “hindi sa palagay ko“.

This statement seemed to have challenged Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza more which made her say confidently that – “The crown is only once in a lifetime!

Upon hearing this Kabayan went a step backward and agreed with Kylie.

The teasing did not stop there for Noli De Castro asked Kylie if she has suitors. Kylie who was more relaxed already laughed at the question but confirmed that there is none.

Kabayan who hasn’t moved on with Kylie’s answered made a wooing sound and continued teasing saying -“Ngayon dadami na

Many netizens have said that this Noli De Castro and Kylie Versoza awkward interview was indeed cringe worthy.

Here is the full video –







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