Netizens react on Noli de Castro’s “thieves from Ateneo” joke

Noli de Castro, ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol news anchor received mixed reactions from netizens about his joke related to the incident of ‘salisi robbery’ involving a De La Salle University (DLSU) student.

The incident of ‘salisi robbery’ was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera that happened inside a fast food chain in Malate, Manila. The video was posted on the victim’s Facebook account, whose name is Neil Andrei Durugan.

In the CCTV footage , Neil was seen eating with a girl inside in a fast food chain that is quite packed with customers . Then a a guy in gray shirt entered and sat adjacent Neil’s seat. Another guy in shorts and light blue shirt ,  came in from another direction and sat in front of the guy who got in first. Minutes later, guy in gray shirt who turned out to be a thief suddenly took Neil’s bag without the latter knowing the incident. This first suspect handed the bag to his accomplice , the guy in shorts and light blue shirt. After carrying out their plan, they hurriedly stood up and got out of the food chain freely.

Neil lost 40,000 worth of gadgets and valuables because of the incident. Here’s the actual CCTV footage.

The stealing incident was aired in TV Patrol’s May 15 episode. However, in the usual anchors’ chit-chats or exchanging thoughts about the day’s leading news before the show ends, Noli de Castro made a comment saying “Hindi kaya taga Ateneo ‘yan?”, referring to the two thieves who victimized DLSU student. His co-anchor Ted Failon then advised Noli to tell the audiences that it was just a joke, “ Joke lang po, joke lang” .

This joke of Noli de Castro sparked controversy among netizens as it was deemed to be ‘inappropriate’ by some, but ‘understandable’ for others.

This is not the first time Noli De Castro got unfavorable responses from netizens. A similar incident just this January this year,  the TV patrol news anchor was hit by some netizens for being allegedly “rude’” to reporter Winnie Cornejo.

Here are some of the mixed reactions of netizens on Noli de Castro’s joke about “thieves from Ateneo”:






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