Nonito Donaire will train in Vegas for his upcoming fight

“The Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire will hold his training camp in Las Vegas. According to news reports, this is in preparation for his upcoming fight on April 23 against Hungarian boxer Zsolt Bedak.

The fight however will be held in Araneta Coliseum but he chose to hold his training camp in Las Vegas until the first week of April. Nonito Donaire will defend his WBO super bantamweight belt against Bedak.

Added on reports, Donaire and his father who is also his trainer, Nonito Donaire Sr. already have one sparring partner lined up, but they are also looking for others who has a boxing style similar to Bedak. On the interview, ” Donaire shared his thought about how Bedak fight. (Bedak is) very methodical, moves well,” Donaire said. “He’s fast, but not as strong.”

How does Nonito Donaire prepare for the fight?

Nonito Donaire also mentioned on reports that he is looking to add more combinations into his arsenal in preparation for Bedak. The latter was best known in representing Hungary in the 2004 Olympic Games.

This is again a much awaited fight for the champ. On December 2015, Donaire won the vacant WBO super bantamweight belt. In here, he out-pointed the Mexican Cesar Juarez in Puerto Rico in a brutal, bloody war that earned Fight of the Year considerations.

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