OFW Mary Jane Veloso exempted from execution

A woman from the Philippines, Mary Jane Veloso was convicted in Indonesia for drug smuggling and sentenced to death will not be among the first round of executions carried out when capital punishment is resumed after a lull.

The good news of sparing Mary Jane Veloso from execution has been reported by the attorney general on Friday.

Mary Jane Veloso

According to reports, Indonesia imposed a delay on executions for five years before resuming them in 2013, provoking international outrage in April last year with the execution of eight drug traffickers, seven of them foreigners.

But after the commotion, it was reported that authorities will do execution postponement while the government focus on reviving the economy. However, Presiden Joko Widodo’s administration has pledged to resume executions by firing squad.

It was last year when the OFW maid, Mary Jane Veloso got a last-minute reprieve following a request from Manila after an employment recruiter, whom Veloso had accused of planting drugs in her luggage, gave herself up to police in the Philippines. ( Read: Anis Hidaya, Mary Jane Veloso’s 11th Hour Savior )

 An interview with Attorney General H.M. Prasetyo clarified things about status of Mary Jane Veloso:

“Not yet, We are still waiting on the legal process in the Philippines, which we have to respect.”

Prasetyo also added that 16 prisoners will be executed this year, including nationals from Nigeria and Zimbabwe, but has declined to give a specific time frame.

That number will be more than doubled next year, he said.

Further, Indonesia has declared a “drug emergency” and vowed no mercy for drug traffickers.

Authorities may not have provided details of the exact number of foreigners on death row but citizens of France, Britain and the Philippines are known to be among them.

Moreover, the family of Mary Jane Veloso hopes that she will soon be freed following her exemption from next round of execution.



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