The aftermath of One Direction in Manila 2015 : Interesting Tweets and Vids

The most popular UK boyband One Direction  has landed and left Manila just in a span of 2 days  !

One Direction

The 4/5 members of  One Direction namely Harry Styles,  Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson arrived NAIA via a private plane last Saturday , March 21 and left also tonight Sunday, March 22 after the last day of their One Direction On The Road Again Tour 2015 in SM MOA Arena The band’s next destination is Jakarta, Indonesia.

For 2 days social media was buzzing with One Direction news and clips of the concert.

#OTRATourManila was trending at no. 1 the whole Sunday night.

For the unlucky ones who were not able to grab tickets, stalking the Twitterverse  is the least that can be done to be in the know. So here are some grabbed Tweets and vids of One Direction in Manila.

Let’s hear it first from the 4/5 One Direction members first.

From Harry Styles who has just reached an enormous 24 million Twitter followers:

  From Liam Payne :  

From Niall Horan :

Louis Tomlinson did not post any Tweet during their stay in Manila. Zayn Malik who was earlier reported to have backed out of the Manila tour due to stress seemed to mum about the concert but not about the rumored jealousy issue of his fiancee. This is the last post in his Twitter account as of March 19.   One Direction

Now here are some interesting short vids grabbed from One Direction On The Road Again Tour 2015.

The most sought after 1D souvenirs…   Harry’s towel.. not bad, sounds normal. towel


   Louis Tomlinson ate a burger before the show and throws it to the crowd after a few bites for souvenir?  Wehhh?    


Looks like its true!

One Direction

Another  1D souvenir.. how about a water bottle?


How about  souvenirs  from fans this time?


grad hat





Malik Zayn is known to be singing high notes but was absent. 3/5 (Harry, Niall & Liam ) tried to cover for him. Nice try guys.    


                                                                                                            One Direction


New covers by 1D .. ” I will Survive”  and Disney’s “Let it Go”  




An addition to 1D Merchandise.. the 1D chair ! Wonder how much this would cost.  



The 1D Bromance 1d Bromance


 Tongue twister challenge for that Brit accent.    





Harry’s Golden Boots .. 18 k? 24 k?


gold boots



The truth in the saying…” being present in spirit” – for Zayn Malik


  spirit 2


Sexy 1D moves ….    



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