Pabebe Girls to appear on Vice Ganda’s music video

Pabebe Girls , the newest social media sensations will be doing cameo role on Vice Ganda’s upcoming music video.

Last Sunday, Vice Ganda uncovered and performed his new single “Wag kang Pabebe,” which is no doubt inspired by the Pabebe girls. In an interview, Vice was very vocal that he really wanted to meet the Pabebe Girls and Mamon Girl .

Kaya nga gusto ko silang makilala para mas makilala ko kung anong mga ganap nila sa buhay, kung anong klaseng mga bagets sila. Kasi isang side lang naman nila ang nakita natin, ‘yung nagtataray-tarayan sila. Bukod doon, wala naman tayong ibang alam sa kanila  Vice said.

Pabebe Girls

Recently Pabebe girls Summa cum bebe” and “Babaeng Utal,”  who are Janet Ricabo and Michelle Alfonso were interviewed by ABS-CBN showbiz reporter MJ Felipe. Contrary to the personalities they were portraying in their videos, these two were surprisingly modest and just typical teenagers. Janet is 12 y.o, while Michelle is a year younger at 11. Both are from Bulacan.

The Pabebe Girls’ first video was conceptualized in response to Mamon Girl’s video. Mamon Girl is also a teenager like the Pabebe Girls who uploaded a video showing how the rich vs. poor should eat  a mamon bread. The Pabebe Girls’ have gone haywire to fame after it received mixed reactions from netizens . Soon enough celebrities and other netizens created remakes of their videos.

Here is Vice Ganda’s ASAP performance for “Wag kang Pabebe.” What will be the role of the Pabebe Girls? Let’s wait and see!










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