Pacman’s Kid Kulafu

From a documentary entitled “Manny” in 2014,  Philippine’s boxing hero goes further with his endeavor with Kid Kulafu.  Showing just a few weeks before the “Fight of the Century”, this movie is definitely a good teaser for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

Kid Kulafu

Kid Kulafu Official Movie Poster



Young director Paul Soriano is the pilot of this Manny Pacquiao movie, which underwent 2 years of  research.

Paul Soriano and Manny Pacquiao had to have series of conversations that inspired Soriano to do the film.

According to Director Paul Soriano, this movie unfolds a different angle of  People’s champ life story . In the press conference, he explained that unlike the other Manny Pacquiao biography films previously shown , Kid Kulafu will focus about his struggle-filled youth in General Santos to his teenage years . “It is not about his career as a professional boxer, it is an in-depth look into his  early years, from his birth up to his teenage life.” he added. To make it more realistic, some scenes for Kid Kulafu were shot in Manny’s hometown General Santos and Saranggani.

Here is the film’s synopsis from .

Emmanuel lives a hand-to-mouth existence, caught between the crossfire of his family’s daily struggles and inherent threats borne from his surroundings. One day, he discovers his true talent – boxing. As a way out of poverty, he embarks on soul-filled journey to follow a seemingly impossible dream. Driven by love, honor, and an incredible dose of grit, he must risk everything, even his own life, to become a champion – for himself, his family and his country. 

This is the true story of a boy named Emmanuel, who grew up to become one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen.

In a Bandila report, it was explained the etymon of the movie title. It was actually Manny Pacquiao ’s uncle who first called him Kid Kulafu. It was the time when young Manny Pacquiao collected bottles of Vino Kulafu, a brand for the Chinese drink Shoktong.



This Manny Pacquiao movie will be shown April 15.

Produced by ABS-CBN, Star Cinema and Ten 17 Productions. Kid Kulafu casts include Buboy Villar (Emmanuel/Young Manny) , Alessandra de Rossi (Dionisia Pacquiao), Alex Medina (Rosalio Pacquiao), Cesar Montano (Sardo), Khalil Ramos Jake Macapagal, and Igi Boy Flores.

Watch the full trailer.




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