Palace: Miss Universe coronation day, not a holiday

Miss Universe coronation which is set to be held in the Philippines is fast approaching and many are hoping that this will be declared as non-working day.

But despite suggestions from various sectors that Miss Universe coronation to be declared as holiday, Malacanang announced on Thursday it’s decision for the pageant day.

According to the announcement, January 30, Monday, the day of Miss Universe coronation will remain to be a regular working day and not a holiday.

A s such, students and working Filipinos will have to file a leave of absence if they want to watch the Miss Universe coronation.

According to reports, it was Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo who earlier urged Malacañang to declare January 30 a non-working holiday to give Filipinos “the opportunity to witness in their own backyard a contest where Filipinas have proven to excel and become certified champions on beauty and brain.”

Also, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, for her part, had said it would be favorable if Palace declared January 30 as a holiday “so everybody could watch” the Miss Universe pageant in the country.

The Philippines is hosting the prestigious pageant, which has over 80 candidates from around the world.

The Miss Universe coronation will be aired  live on ABS-CBN Channel 2 on January 30, 2017 Monday 8 a.m. (Manila time)


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