Pampanga chop-chop lady, body parts in suitcase and washing machine

A gruesome case of Pampanga chop-chop lady made rounds in the news today.

The victim was identified as 29-year-old Lindsey Avelino, was killed by her live-in partner Eduardo Pasion.

Her body parts, head, arms and legs were placed inside a suitcase. While her torso was found inside their own washing machine placed inside their home.

Allegedly, this Pampanga chop-chop case is because of jealousy.

The landlady of the couple stated that he heard the two fighting. It was also said that the victim threatened to end the relationship with the Pasion.

According to news reports, the suspect is a worker in a miniature airplane manufacturing company. He divulged his crime to his employer, who in turn reported the crime to police authorities.

Pasion was gunned down by the authorities when he resisted to be arrested. He was found in an abandoned house in a nearby baranggay. A
9mm firearm was found with the suspect. It was also where they recovered the suitcase that had the victim’s other body parts.

The suspect has been estranged with his former wife 9 years ago and has been living with the victim for four years. He was already arrested previously due to physical abuse of the victim.

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