Pampanga Elementary student bags 58 medals on Graduation Day

A Pampanga Elementary student took home 58 medals for his athletic and academic achievements, during his graduation. The graduation video of Joshua Santiago , a student of the Mabiga Elementary School in Mabalacat, Pampanga has gone viral because of this glorious moment.

Joshua’s mom , who is surely proud of his son’s achievement, was the one who placed the medal on Joshua. At first, she placed it one by one, however since there were multiple awards being announced by the emcee, she eventually had to put them on Joshua by batches. The teachers on the stage even helped Joshua’s mom on the medals.

While this was indeed a moment to celebrate for this Pampanga Elementary student, Joshua’s mom posted an FB message that contained an explanation for those who bashed her son.

According to Joshua’s mom, her son earned these medals from all the swimming competition that Joshua competed plus the academic awards given by the school. Furthermore, she mentioned that the school decided to give all these medals for being the first student of Mabiga Elementary School  to ever receive the “Athlete of the Year”  Award.  She also said that at the time she was writing the post, her son is in Aklan for PaLarong Pambansa 2017, representing Region 3.

Her FB post ended with her expression of appreciation for thos who has supported his son.

Here is the video and the full post.






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