Baguio City – Panagbenga Festival 2016

Panagbenga Festival,the grandest and most attended flower festival, is set to happen on the whole month of February 2016.

Known for its Blooming Flowers Festival, Panagbenga Festival was locally adapted, and is now a yearly celebration that takes place in Baguio City. Hence, adding progress of tourist visit.

Panagbenga is a meditative word from the mixture of cultural influences from Malaysia and other South East Asian countries. The word translates to ‘the season of bloom’. Baguio was known for its flower abundance, thus the popular festival is scheduled for February.

For the locals, especially the survivors of the Luzon quake back in 1990, Panagbenga Festival is quite meaningful. For a whole week, Baguio streets come alive with spectacular rhythmic dances, pulsating songs and colorful floral arrangements that will interest everyone who has love and passion for flowers.

What are the scheduled activities on Panagbenga Festival 2016?

Panagbenga Festival’s splendid use of floats will surely attract attention.  The floats are covered with beautiful flowers, creating a noticeable parade unlike other parades held in the country. Thus bringing up a dynamic colors during this week-long festival.

If you have the fierce to interact with the locals, watch out for the Ibaloi dance, a vigorous and colorful dance that is inspired by the local community from Luzon. And being a traditional Filipino, Panagbenga Festival will give the local community a chance to embrace its cultural traditions.

Some of the key events at the Panagbenga Festival include the inaugural parade, the Bazaar, the street dance and parade contest as well as the float competition. Look out for the Session Road in Bloom at Session Road and the culmination of the festival with the closing ceremonies. This event shouldn’t be missed by persons who have passion and real love for anything floral.

Panagbenga Festival Highlights:

  • Festival Highlights
  • Grand Opening Parade: Drum & Lyre Dance Competition-Elementary Division
  • Grand Street Dancing Parade
  • Grand Float Parade
  • Barangay Clean & Green / Landscaping Competition (Judging)
  • Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display

For more information on Pangbenga schedule of activities, please visit the official website of Panagbenga (

panagbenga festival 2016

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