Parents dig out dead body of child, claims possibly still alive

A provincial news outfit from Isabela reported that a dead body of a 4-year old child was dug out from its grave.

According to the news, the parents decided to exhume the cadaver because of an advice from an “albularyo”.

Jenny Rose Jacinto, was the deceased daughter of Jimmy. On August 28, Jenny had a fever that subsided when she took medicines. However, the next day, the fever went back and Jenny experienced chills. Her parents rushed her to Isabela Provincial Hospital where she died. Her remains were brought home and was buried September 1.

After Jenny’s burial, a relative arrived bringing forth an advice from a quack doctor saying Jenny is still alive.

The Jacinto couple did not have second thoughts. They went to Jenny’s grave and retrieved her remains.

Upon retrieving Jenny’s dead body, they were surprised that the dead body was still soft and had no signs of decomposition.

It was said that while the family watched over Jenny, she urinated and had a bowel movement three times. They also attempted to have the child drink by putting water drops on her lips.

Dead body Isabela

Source: RMN news

Netizens had mixed reactions on this. Some sympathized with the grieving parents and some speculated that the child was not embalmed that is why she is soft.

In an updated report from RMN, it was stated that Jenny’s parents Jimmy Jacinto, 47 y.o and  Gina Jacinto, 43 y.o finally accepted the truth and gave up. Jenny’s dead body was brought back to her grave last September 2 , which was witnessed by friend and relatives. Another photo was posted showing blood clot in Jenny’s fingers.

Again there was a speculation that Jenny might have been trying to dig herself out, causing her fingers to be that way.

Source: RMN news



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