Pinoy Big Brother once again opened his house for its 6th season of reality show called PBB 737. Seven of PBB 737 housemates were already introduced in different ABS- CBN’s shows, namely It’s Showtime, TV Patrol and Aquino and Abunda Tonight.

PBB 737 housemates have undergone different methods of auditions which started last March. The newest method that was introduced was auditioning via interactive mobile service called ABS-CBNmobile. With this, the registration and scheduling for audition were better facilitated.

Some auditionees have gone through online method of auditioning. Among almost 35,000 auditionees locally and abroad, only few were considered.

Here are the seven PBB 737 housemates were already revealed before the show premiered.

Get to know their profiles below.


Ryan James Bacalla, tagged as the “Kid Sunshine of Cebu”, is the first PBB 737 housemate that was introduced to the public in the noon-time show It’s Showtime. This 14 year-old PBB 737 housemate is an honor student, school paper journalist and Sinulog dance troupe member.

When It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda welcomed the PBB737 housemate, he jokingly asked “Parang pareho tayo ng blood type, Ryan! Isa ka bang little pony, Ryan?” And the kid sunshine of Cebu openly answered through another question, “Ano sa tingin nyo?”




The second PBB 737 housemate introduced was Bailey May Thomas, dubbed as “Global Gwapito of UK”. He is a Filipino-British from England. Bailey is now 12 years old and was born in Cebu. He was 4 years old when he moved to UK. Before PBB 737. He already made a name on the internet for covering songs of One Direction, Justine Beiber, Adele and other pop artists. He said he wants to be the next Daniel Padilla. His video with the rendition of Daniel Padilla’s “Na Sa’yo Na Ang Lahat” became viral.

He was introduced as PBB 737’s second housemate on It’s Showtime and became Twitter’s trending topic thereafter. According to him, “The Philippines is definitely my favorite country. I think I’m more Filipino than I am English because I’m used to eating food here  like balut, monggo…”




Ailah Antopina is the 3rd PBB 737 housemate and the first female housemate who got introduced to public. Dubbed as “Faithful Daughter of Bacolod”, Ailah is a Muslim in faith. She got the blessings of her ustad (teacher) and their Muslim religious leader, called imam, before she decided to audition. 

One of the challenges that this 13-year old Muslim girl will encounter is that the time she will enter PBB house will also be the time of Ramadan. In Muslims tradition, strict fasting must be observed during this season. The reason she joined PBB 737 is to stop her father from working abroad in Saudi Arabia, in case she wins.




Meet Jimboy Martin, “The Barrio Rapper of Nueva Vizcaya.” He is 17 years old and is an avid fan of Gloc-9. Jimboy is also known as an MVP, basketball player in his school. According to him, he wants to be recognized more as a rapper rather than a basketball player.

He already appeared in TV Patrol and Aquino and Abunda Tonight shows. He was first introduced in It’s Showtime wherein he exposed his talent in rapping.





“Ang Teen Mama Ng Manila” referring to Kamille Filoteo. She is an 18-year old teen mom who got pregnant when she was just 15 years old. She is still in good connection with the father of his daughter, who is now 19 years old, but her parents didn’t let them stay together under one roof “..kase baka raw po masundan,” she said in an interview in Aquino and Abunda Tonight.

She also expressed the hardship of being a teenage mom. She had to stop schooling so that she could continue her job as a model and she can support her baby’s needs. She decided to join PBB 737 because she wants to help her family and for her baby’s future. She is good in dancing. She joined G-force Summer Dance classes and she already performed at ASAP live.



PBB 737 Kenzo

Meet Atenean  Kenzo Gutierrez, the “Astig Athlete ng Quezon City.” This 18-year old good looking guy is a varsity soccer player. He also knows how to sing and play the guitar. Kenzo obviously comes from a well-off family, being an Ateneo de Manila University student from elementary to college. His mother is a stock broker whilehis father is a businessman.

When asked why he decided to join PBB 737 is because “it made me so interested about what happens behind the screen,” he said in his interview with Aquino and Abunda Tonight. He was also asked if he is open to falling in love in Big Brother’s house and he said, “At this point I’m not really looking for it but then I’m open to the idea. But given the fact na kakagaling ko lang sa breakup, It’s not really my priority.”



She’s Barbie Concine Imperial, the “Doll Along The Riles Ng Albay.” The 16-year old girl was also first introduced in It’s Showtime. Her appearance followed in TV Patrol and Aquino and Abunda Tonight.

She is a grade 9 student in Daraga National High School. With her mom and her brother, they used to live in a relative’s house, until they got their own home which is placed along the riles in Daraga Albay. Her neighbours said that she indeed looks like a doll, as how her name describes her. She still remains positive despite the life challenges she is encountering.




Have you had your bets now? Do not rush into judgement because PBB 737 will start today, June 20.

Stay tuned for the complete set of PBB 737 housemates, which will be officially introduced tonight.

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