People gathered to NHA for free housing forms

Because of the free housing rumors, hundreds of people gathered on the gates of the National Housing Authorities headquarters in Quezon City on Wednesday morning.

The rumor brought the people hope of availing housing information forms which will apparently be their tickets to free housing that government will provide. This followed after reports on social media that the agency was distributing free housing forms.

The free housing forms came after the Duterte administration’s housing program.

As such, as early as 3 a.m, people were already in line outside the NHA gate, while others opted to wait there overnight from Tuesday evening.

free housing free housing

Howver, NHA told on ABS-CBN News in a phone interview that the housing assistance forms that can be collected from the agency for free do not guarantee the grant of free houses as all forms are subject to assessment.

“We would like to emphasize that the housing program only caters to the lowest 30%, the poorest of the urban population,” the NHA said in a statement.

Further, the housing agency emphasized that they are “mandated to provide housing and related assistance to informal settler families living along danger zones and areas affected by government infrastructure projects.” And, the ongoing housing projects already have identified family-beneficiaries, the agency added.

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