Scary? The PGT Sadako Audition

Breaking away from the usual performances is this PGT Sadako audition.

Obviously, it was called as such because the auditionee from Iloilo named Mary Grace Decafe resembled the famous Japanese horror character of the movie “The Ring”. She was dressed up in white, with her long, black hair covering her pale face.

Judge Robin Padilla was first to react while Mary Grace was entering the stage. ” Naku nakakatakot naman nire” he said.

Angel Locsin teased Robin Padilla whose chair was already turned back from the stage.

Si Kuya Robin sasalo ng bala pero pagdating kay Sadako tumiklop” .

Vice who was assigned to interview the contestant also had a scary reaction. Especially when after asking the name, he received the Sadako-ish look as a response.

Oh my God! Bakit ganun yung mata?

Mary Grace scared the judges more ,particularly Vice and Robin when she wlaked towards the judges’ table. Vice jumped off from his seat and walked away. Mary Grace then reached out for Angel’s hand and the actress excalimed “Ang lamig ng kamay nya!“.

When Mary Grace went back the stage, both Robin and Angel commented “Ang lakas ng dating!

Remember Sacred Riana ? The scary magician who just recently won Asia’s Got Talent ?

Will this PGT Sadako audition. the same path as hers?

Well find out by watching the video.