Philippine Bank Swift Codes

Swift Codes are identification codes used for international bank or wire money transfers.

It is made up of 8 to 10 alphabet characters assigned to each bank worldwide. Bank swift codes are unique and different from each other to avoid confusion. The first four letters are usually the initials of the name of the bank, followed by next two letters are the country, and another two letters for the city. The last three alphanumeric characters are the specific branch for a bank; others opt not to use it.

For those who are receiving remittances from relatives abroad, here are the lists of International and Philippine Bank Swift Codes available:

Name of Bank                            – Hotline – Swift Code –

Allied Banking Corp. (Allied Bank)                          816-5575                  ABCMPHMM

Asia United Bank Corp.                                              636-6888                 AUBKPHMM

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)                        89-100                      BOPIPHMM


Banco de Oro (BDO)                                                   631-8000                 BNORPHMM

Bank of Commerce (BanCom)                                 982-6000                PABIPHMM

China Banking Corp. (Chinabank)                            885-5555                 CHBKPHMM

Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)        818-9511to20          DBPHPHMM

East West Banking Corp. (EastWest)                      888-1700                 EWBCPHMM

Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank)              405-7000                TLBPPHMM


Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank)     8700-700                MBTCPHMM

Philippine Bank of Communication (PBCOM)       75-72266                 CPHIPHMM

Philippine Business Bank (PBB)                               363-3333                 PPBUPHMM


Philippine National Bank (PNB)                                573-8888                PNBMPHMM


Philippine Savings Bank   (PS Bank)                        845-8888                PHSBPHMM

Philippine Trust Co. (PHILTRUST)                            524-9061to76         PHTBPHMM

Philippine Veterans Bank (Veterans Bank)             902-1600                PHVBPHM


Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC)                877-7222                 RCBCPHMM

Robinsons Bank Corp. QC (Robinsons Bank)         637-2273                 ROBPPHMQ

Security Bank Corp. (Security Bank)                        867-6788                SETCPHMM

United coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)                     811-9000               UCPBPHMM


ANZ Banking Group Lrd. (ANZ)                                  841-7777               ANZBOHM

Bank of America NA Manila Branch (BofA)             815-5600               BOFAPH2

Bank of China Ltd. Manila Branch                             885-0111                BKCHPHMM

ChinaTrust (Phils.) Commercial Bank                       840-1234                CTCBPHMM


Citibank NA (Citibank)                                                 894-7700                CITIPHM

Deutsche Bank AG                                                       894-6888               DEUTPHMM


Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC)    85-800                   HSBCPHMM

International Nederlanden Groep BK (ING Bank)   840-8888             INGBPHMM

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA (Chase)                          885-7700              CHASPHMM

Korea Exchange Bank                                                  848-1988              KOEXPHMM

MayBank Philippines Inc. (Maybank)                         521-7888              MBBEPHMM

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. (Mizuho)                       860-3500             MHCBPHMM

Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.       811-5807               ICBCPHMM


Standard and Chartered Bank                                   886-7888              SCBLPHMM

Taiwan Cooperative Bank Manila Branch               848-1949               TACBPHMM


Swift codes are standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) for bank identification.





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