Pharma professionals, netizens cry foul over a Miss Granny drug scene

An unintentional Miss Granny drug scene is earning criticisms amongst Pharmaceutical professionals and netizens.

The said scene in the movie is where  Fely (Sarah Geronimo) was in panic while inside a drugstore. This is after she found out about that her new youthful self. The young Miss Granny demands for a medicine to calm her down.

What the attending pharmacist suggested was  Valium, or diazepam, which is known to have a calming effect. However, it was handed without prescription, meaning Fely was able to avail of it over the counter.

This is what went wrong  and netizens are now crying foul over this Miss Granny drug scene.

According to concerned netizens, Valium requires prescription.

Here are some of the comments in Twitter-


Now Viva Films released a statement Monday, acknowledging the incident and sending out a warning that Diazapem is not an over-the-counter drug.

To date, Miss Granny movie has earned over P135 million in ticket sales.

VIVA FILMS’ Official Statement Re: A Scene From “Miss Granny”

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