Philhealth to implement premium adjustment and expanded primary care benefits this October 2018

Starting October this year, Philhealth will implement both the premium adjustment for employed or formal sector and expanded primary care benefits.

The┬ápremium adjustment for employed or formal sector would mean that to avail of Philhealth’s benefit, a member must have at least 9 months of contribution in a year. Previously only 3 months was what was only required.

In an interview, Philhealth spokesperson Shirley Domingo said that -“Hindi naman maganda para sa fund natin na kung kailan lang kayo mag-aavail ng ng in-patient hospital benefits, eh dyan lang kayo magbabayad”.

But there’s good news that awaits Philhealth members that will also be introduced next month.

More than 30 million members will surely benefit with the agency’s new expanded primary care benefits. This benefit would include one (1) free medical screening either for the member or the dependent. There will also be an allotment of Php 800/year per family for medical screening and outpatient maintenance medicines for diabetes and hypertension. Senior citizen will also enjoy the said benefits.

It was clarified that as of this time PWD (person with disabilities) members are not yet entitled to these benefits. This is due to the reason that a bill is still pending with the House of Representatives that will approve for this sector to be covered by the National Insurance program.

A list will be released by Philhealth for the accredited hospitals, diagnostic centers and drug stores where the benefit can be used.


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