Philippine Diving Team who scored 0 at SEA Games reacts

Now at the center of criticism among netizens across Asia is the Philippine Diving Team who scored 0 (zero) at SEA Games 2015 currently being held at Singapore.

John Elmerson and John David Pahoyo represented the Philippines in the 3-meter springboard diving finals.Unfortunately, each had a share of mishaps in doing the routine. John Elmerson landed on his back , while John David Pahoyo was said to have slipped from the diving board and and did not achieve the ideal landing position into the pool.

Because of the failed diving, Philippines ranked 7th and 8th on the said division. Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively .

The video capturing the event has become viral . Netizens share their disappointment and some even put them at the center of mockery.On the other hand, there were some who showed sympathy that these players have done their best but could have failed because they were too nervous.

 Philippine Diving Team who scored 0

Pahoyo “Still Proud”

Despite being tagged as the “Philippine Diving Team who scored 0,”  Pahoyo remained positive and at high spirits.

In a Facebook thread Pahoyo says “This was not the first time I failed a dive, and I was not the first one who did so. And I am still proud because not all of us has the privilege to represent our own country [in a] big sporting event like this.

Hindi ko inakalang makaka-inspire tayo nang maraming tao through our mistake and the way kung paano natin hinarap yung embarrassment at failure natin. Salamat po sa mga sumusuporta sa amin,” he adds.

In Pahoya’s Facebook account, a video was posted proving our Philippine Diving Team did well in other categories . In the footage, it will be seen that Pahoya and Elmerson successfully pulled their synchronized dive.

Sadly though, this achievement was already outweighed and they became more popularly know as the “Philippine Diving Team who scored 0.”







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