Photo of bus driver with special child goes viral

An FB post about the bus driver with special child has gone viral!

A netizen named Marivic Ando Natividad shared the a photo on her timeline with a lengthy caption. In the photo, it will be seen that a child sat beside a bus driver who looked like is on duty as he is on the steering wheel of the bus.

Based on the photo, some can easily judge that its not proper or a violation of traffic law.

But wait until you read the heartwarming story behind the photo of this bus driver with special child!

Surely the story did touch a lot of hearts as evidenced by the thousands of comments, reactions and no. of times it was shared by netizens.

It was even featured by some big news outfits like Manila Bulletin.

So it won’t be a surprise if we get to watch their story this coming father’s day, June 16.

Read the full post below here –

A father’s love ❤️
This morning I decided to ride a bus going to my work not my usual route actually. Then luckily I was sitted beside a SPECIAL CHILD. He was very happy, jolly and smiling at me all the time. He knows all the bus stops and the roads like he will shout at it when passenger will going down. The bus driver is seemingly happy as well. And while he was sitted beside me I am wondering why he would like to go beside the driver’s side, AND MY HEART JUST MELT. 😢❤️
“Papa, papa.” 
Then the driver said “nako bakit ka pa lumipat dito, baka mahuli tayo ng MMDA.”
And he closed the window curtain in his side. He is so talkative and his father is listening to him every single word that he say. And they were singing and both happy while his papa’s driving. ❤️❤️❤️
Appreciation post;
To all the fathers out there, thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for us. To all the unconditional love in every possible way you could give. Thank you for being superman for your family, for being a good provider and for trying your best to be the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD. We appreciate that, truly. ✋🏻❤️
And of course to my Papa Victor Natividad. I love you. And I thank God for giving us a father like you. 😘❤️
Ps. Ending, natraffic sa EDSA 😅

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