Netizen shares pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center

A Facebook video was posted by Nica Divinagracia Castro to expose her pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center .

The said video is actually a CCTV footage from a TopShop store in the said mall.

Castro narrated in her post that “I went to Molito Alabang to celebrate Father’s Day with my mom and my sisters. After late lunch, we decided to go to Alabang Town Center to grab dessert. En route to White Hat, at around 5:15pm, we stopped at Topshop. I was checking out dresses at the rack near the entrance/exit when I felt my bag felt lighter. When I looked, my bag was already open and my wallet was not inside anymore. I instantly screamed “Wala na wallet ko. May kumuha ng wallet ko,” to alert my mom and sisters, the staff of Topshop, and everyone else inside the store. My wallet contained cash, my ATM, my office ID, other IDs, and other important documents.”

Her story did not end there for it was was followed by lengthy complaint on how this pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center  was handled by the store’s staff and mall’s security personnel.

Castro continued saying ” The staff did not immediately sense the urgency of the situation; no one from Topshop even tried to contain the people inside the store, or ask people not to leave yet while the security officers have not arrived yet at the scene.

More to her dismay, Castro stated that mall security came but there was another delay for 10 mins. They had to wait for the OIC Chief Security of Ayala Mall.

With mall securities unable to help, Castro’s sister opted to approach the manager of TopShop to help them in reporting the incident , so that the CCTV footage can be reviewed.

Unfortunately delays came one after the another due to some processes they had to undergo such as filing a written complaint before reviewing the CCTV footage. Ironically, while Castro was on queue in the mall’s concierge, she also came across another pickpocket victim.

She pinpointed that sense of urgency was not acknowledged by the mall personnel and mentioned that TopShop’s manager was allegedly uncooperative. Castro said that they even sought the help of a PNP police that they personally know to assist them in this pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center.

Here is the full FB post and video .

pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center

pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center TopShop


pickpocket incident in Alabang Town Center



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